Everything You Should Know About Commercial-Grade Steel Pipes

Picking a steel pipe for commercial applications isn’t a simple task. The variety is not only staggering but also confusing. It’s more intimidating for first-time buyers. Now, no matter if you’re a first-time buyer or you have a frequent requirement for steel pipes, being smart while picking a distributor to purchase from is very important. The many reasons that you should consider a distributor in Canada after careful research are listed below.

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Why Does the Choice of Distributors Matter When Buying Commercial Steel Pipes?

Just as different steel pipes are different. Similarly, different distributors are different. It’s most significant in terms of the quality that’s offered and the variety. The many reasons that make a few Canadian distributors such as StealthPipeandSteel.com better than others are as follows.

  1. They offer the best quality. Whether it’s the used steel pipes that they sell or the new ones, every single piece is properly tested for quality.
  2. They make a mention of the most authentic steel pipe chart that will help you in picking the most suitable option.
  3. Having a look at the grading chart they provide, you’ll realize that the variety they offer in a single place will make purchasing the right pipe easier.

That said, the next question that comes to mind is which steel pipes are the best option. If that’s what you’ve been thinking about too, then, the answer is as follows:

  1. ERW steel pipes
  2. Seamless steel pipes

What are the Major Differences Between ERW Pipes and Seamless Steel Pipes?

There are many differences between ERW steel pipes and seamless steel pipes. Out of those, the most important ones are as follows.

  1. They Have a Very Different Manufacturing Technique

ERW means Electric Resistance Welding. Needless to point out, the ERW steel pipes are made with the help of an electric current. Spiral steel cords are cut into desired lengths and fed inside a rolling machine that uses electric current at a high frequency to melt the steel and turn it into a rounded shape.

Since this technique doesn’t require any fusion, the steel pipes produced do not have visible weld joints despite them being manufactured by welding.

On the flip side, the seamless steel pipes are made using cylindrical blocks of steel. While those blocks are hot, a tool named mandrel is used to punch a hole in the center of the block. That hole is then stretched until it gets to the dimensions that you have ordered.

  1. The Price Difference Between is the Two is Huge

ERW steel pipes are cheaper than seamless steel pipes. Hence, which of the two you should buy depends upon your requirement.

For instance, if you require steel pipes for applications that necessarily require extremely high pressure and temperature, then buying seamless steel pipes will be most economical in the long run.

However, if the pressure and temperature are such that they wouldn’t exceed what ERW steel pipes are made to handle, then buying seamless steel pipes won’t make sense.

All in all, keeping the purpose of purchase in mind is just as important as the choice of distributors. Be mindful of all such factors to make the right purchase.