How To Get The Perfect Symmetry In Your Photos

Symmetry represents order, and we long for order in this strange universe we find ourselves in. Psychological studies have shown that the human being shows a preference for perfectly symmetrical objects. Symmetry provides the harmony and order that our brain seeks.

How To Use Symmetry In Photography

It is time to stop being examples and get to the point with practice.First of all, you should know that simply using symmetry will not be enough to get a good photo. To get a good image, and to give symmetry a meaning, photography must contain two key elements; a good composition and a strong point of interest that captures the view of the audience. For more details, check out

If your photograph doesn’t contain these two elements, it won’t be good enough to hold people’s interest for a long time.

  1. Composition

When taking your photograph, you should pay close attention to what appears in the viewfinder, the height of the camera and the tilt.Pay attention to what the central element of your image is going to be and place yourself right in front of it. In this way, the photo will have a defined axis of symmetry, and the result will be the best possible.

When the photography is made with vertical symmetry, you can place the horizon at the height you want. In the case of horizontal symmetry, it is always advisable to place the axis of symmetry in the center of the image, so that it is divided into two equal parts.

  1. Point Of Interest

The point of interest is the center of the importance of your symmetry, where the eyes should go and where the weight of the photo is concentrated.This should not be lost among the rest of the image, because this way, it will lose its purpose and, therefore, the photo will lose overall quality. Visit

You can play with it the way you want, cover the space of the photo you need, the entire image or just a small portion. Of course, the point of interest will always be placed on the axis of symmetry, either vertical or horizontal.