The Scariest card reading for beginners and users

Reading a card is not rocket science or a it is not a child’s play either. One should have a strong intubationto read it so this will help it easier to go ahead with understanding it.One should be intuitive to read the what is hidden in the card or even the meanings of the tarot reading cards.

Guide for the beginners:

  • Rule – 1 The trick is simple one should learn step wise and not try to understand all at a time one should start with simple cards at a time and use card spreads. The tarot reading seems to be complex but the trick is attained bylearning step by step.
  • Rule 2 – One can get accented by reading the books and also attend class on the reading courses one should connect with the cards at personal level if one cannot be connected the reading won’twork.
  • Rule3- The starter can begin with Celtic cross spreads which contain 10 cards but the experts are bit against to this as it isn’t a great place to start with.So, it is suggested to use 1-3 card as the card spread
  • Rule -4 One can connect with card personal by the drawing one card each day and ask the card what energy I can concentrate on today so that one can manifest the energy whole throughout the day
  • Rule 5 The best and easy way for a beginner is to understand the image on the card it simple by understanding what is happening in the card and why it is happening and the image is saying something and the moral to extract from it and finally relate it with what is happening in the life it teaches any lesson or not.
  • Rule -6 This rule is bit tricky as the most of them fall behind in it the modern nature has made humans more materialistic than the less contact with themselves so if one would like to be come a tarot reader read your intuitions.

Mistakes in reading: 

The major mistakes done by the beginners they as the same question again and again in the sense they might get good or better answer from it. But it will sense that they are wanting to hear what they want. Some do it in an emotional state of mind.

Summing up: 

The mystical scary reading of the cards and to understand them by have the intuition to read what is in it.