List of Services offered by Hamilton Air Conditioning Ltd

Hamilton Air Conditioning devotes time, energy and effort to bring the best in the field of heating and cooling systems to homes, businesses, and offices.  Hamilton believes in providing access to the world’s leading technology to all clients. All projects, whether big, small, simple or complex get equal attention and each is completed to the complete satisfaction of clients. All this comes at a competitive price.

Hamilton has a trained and accredited team of engineers, installers and technicians ready to assist you with all air conditioning needs related to choice of system, installation, maintenance, and repairs. We aim to reach more and more people with the promise of comfort within the spaces they work and live in.  Our custom built systems are easy to install and use.

Our services are available for air conditioning installation, maintenance, and servicing for commercial and domestic clients.

Here is a list of services you can avail from Hamilton Air Conditioning London.  They go far beyond buying  your air conditioner and are available for all types of clients.

Air Conditioning Installation Service

Hamilton offers services for proper air conditioning installation London of all air conditioning systems. This is essential for optimum performance of these systems.


Air conditioning systems are essential for commercial spaces to diffuse the effects of overheating and stuffiness in the work environment. A comfortable working space ensures enhanced performance and productivity.

At Hamilton we have systems that serve all types of spaces. Our commercial units can be installed in warehouses, factories, shopping establishments and office blocks.  We are the registered installers for all leading air conditioner brands.

A trained team of experts delivers and installs each system. The systems are equipped to meet health and safety standards and are simultaneously unique to the particular needs of your workforce. Should you require it, our services include site visit and recommendation based on assessment of your unique air conditioning needs.  You can safely rely on the expertise of our engineers and installers to provide you with fully functional systems that will totally satisfy you.

Installation is followed up with warranty services. All parts fitted by the company come with a 5 year parts warranty


Air conditioning is just as essential for residential buildings as for commercial spaces.

The Hamilton team has the expertise to create and install custom air filtration and cooling systems for residential uses. Once installed, you will happily use the system all year through to keep the air inside your home fresh and comfortable.

Hamilton is ready with air conditioners suited to both flats and houses.  Theses go beyond cooling the air during summer months and are useful in every season.  Our whisper quiet air conditioners are designed to be quiet enough to meet your expectations of peace and silence making them suitable for bedrooms, lounges, hallways and more.

The 5 year warranty is available to residential installations as it is to commercial air conditioning systems. This means you are free to call us during the warranty period for all air conditioner related queries and problems.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

We understand the need for maintenance of your systems after they have been installed.

A talented team is at your disposal to maintain your air conditioning equipment running free of trouble for years to come. The 5 year parts warranty we offer comes along with a maintenance plan for both commercial and residential systems. It is easy to avail the service. You just need to remember to schedule a service within two months of installation of your system.

Additionally we encourage you to put in place a regular maintenance plan to keep your air conditioner ticking.  The maintenance team at Hamilton will always comply with the latest F-gas regulations. They are prompt in responding to service requests, and never leave a job incomplete.  Hamilton experts are just a phone call away should your air conditioner develop snags. Hamilton’s team is also on hand to offer tune ups whenever you think you need it.

Repairs Services

Even the best maintained system has chances of breaking down caused by regular wear and tear or other unforeseen causes.

So, repairs for your air conditioners become necessary from time to time. Our engineers are ready at hand to attend to your calls. We take pride in our speedy response to calls and our competitive pricing. Within the 5 year warranty period could cover cost of parts depending on the problem reported.

We do not merely repair the problem reported to us. Going beyond the conventional repair services our repair services include recommendations on need for part replacement alongside the actual repair work executed.

Heat pump Installation Services

Heat pump installation is another service provided by Hamilton Air Conditioning. Concern for the environment and rising fuel costs makes a heat pump installation a good idea. Hamilton’s engineers are experts at installing such heat pump systems that match your air conditioning system.

This heat pump essentially uses air from outside the building, pumps it through a heating system, and finally distributes it through central heating installations. It uses two methods to distribute the heat: air and water.

Air source pumps use air to push the heat through the pipe work of the air conditioning system. The changeover for the air heat pump is very quick.

Airs to water heat pumps condense air to water before pumping it into the central heating system. Both systems work well and have their individual advantages.

An air source heat pump reduces carbon footprint as well as fuel cost for the running of your system. Go ahead and use our heat pump installation service to keep warm without the high cost of heating.

With Hamilton Air Conditioning Ltd you do much more than installing an air conditioning system for you comfort. With each installation you ensure peace of mind and the services of dedicated experts ready to assist you twenty four seven. The various services we offer are comprehensive and inclusive for all your air conditioning needs both commercial and residential.