What Are Some Interesting Facts About Production Houses In Islamabad

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Production houses in Islamabad have created a lot of hype among people affiliated to any form of business regardless of its operations being on a local, national or international scale. The reason behind this rise is the list of countless benefits production houses brings for your business.

Here are some of the facts about reputed production houses in Islamabad;

Better Representation Of Content

Xdynamix is a production house in Islamabad that lays emphasis on the pictorial representation of your content which includes graphics as a huge part of the entire project. According to a survey, only 10% of the people retained information that they were given through texts while 65% of the people who got info through graphical representation. Xdynamix provides the best animation services in Islamabad.

Addition Of Videos

Videos also form a part of your project if you give it in the hands of a well-recognized best advertising agencies islamabad. The reason behind the addition of videos is the rapid growth in the incoming traffic on video-based content. Cisco deduced the fact from a survey that by2021 82% of the incoming traffic on websites will be on videos.

Brand Image And Reliability

Hub spot’s survey in 2018 suggested that 54% of people wanted the brand that they use to have more videos on their websites and other agencies of advertising instead of other means of marketing like images and texts. By this fact we can understand how important it is for the brand to make a rock-solid brand image by the help of xdynamix production house in Islamabad. 

Marketing Strategies

Business to Business marketing has been on the rise in the 21st Century. Businesses have started dealing between themselves instead of dealing with customers. 51% of the B2B marketers used video representation as a part of their marketing strategies. Production houses in Islamabad like Xdynamix helps you in creating stunning videos for your marketing strategies to add life to your project.