Main Advantages of using walkie-talkies for Businesses

Despite the innovations of the mobile phone with the advent and continuous improvement of smartphones, the walkie-talkie remains a safe and effective communication tool.

You feel the need to have an alternative communication device to relay your smartphone in case of failure? Buy a walkie-talkie. This device is a mobile radio transceiver whose primary function is radiotelephone communication.

How does a walkie talkie work?

The basic operating mode of a walkie-talkie is very simple: you set two or more walkie-talkies on the same channel and, at the touch of a button, you communicate with all the devices within its range on a specific channel. You release this key and can then receive the answer from all other devices.

This device responds even where mobile communication is not available. The benefits of the walkie-talkie are many including:

  • Free communication

The main advantage of using the walkie talkie is that communication is free.

Unlike smartphones, you don’t need to pay a subscription like with your walkie- talkie unless you opt for professional licenced walkie-talkies. And in this case, you only pay for personal frequency. Communication is free for all models.

  • Autonomy

Unlike the smartphone, the walkie-talkie does not need any relay antenna or ground station to transmit. It can emit in specific environments, such as basements, buildings containing concrete, aquatic environments, etc., in which the transmission by mobile phone is impossible.

  • Available at all times

With the use of the mobile phone, we sometimes note the saturation of the network, which makes the users unavailable. The walkie-talkie is hardly impacted by this saturation. Big gatherings or not, you can emit and receive at any time.

  • Practicality

The walkie talkie is the most convenient communication device. You do not need to dial a number to reach your contact. One touch and your messages are transmitted. The reception is immediate whether your interlocutor is close or not to the walkie-talkie; provided the device is turned on and within the maximum reach of the device.

  • Robustness

In addition to being autonomous, the walkie-talkie is very sturdy. It is robust enough to survive in the not-so-pleasant working conditions. Dust strokes, water jets, falls, etc., the walkie-talkie is designed to withstand the most harsh work environments.

Professional walkie-talkies are used in a multitude of different jobs and environments. For emergency services and security work, in construction sites, for excursions or cruises, for underground work like in mines or quarries, walkie-talkies continue to be essential tools of communication.