Know all about freelance jobs

What type of job do you want for yourself? Is it a full-time job, part-time work or a freelance gig? Before you look out for job, there are freelance contract jobs too which can use for yourself. A contract job is a win-win situation for both the employer and worker. They are short-term job opportunities which vary from place to place from 3 months to over a year. You may be temporarily hired or given permanent jobs.

What you should know about employment contract jobs?

They aren’t as troublesome as you may have been thinking

Often job seekers get afraid of the idea of contract jobs. They may think that by the end of their contract, they will be thrown out of the job and they will have re-start their hunt for jobs all over again. But this is not the truth! More than 85% of the companies hire the contract workers again and make them permanent.

Employers hire contract workers for their own reasons

Contract to hire jobs offer employer the chance to evaluate the technical, cultural and soft skills of the employee in the company before committing to a full-time job placement. Interviews aren’t sufficient to understand an applicant’s abilities. Contracts work as a trial run to make sure that the applicant lives up to their CV.

Contract jobs are budget dependent

Budget is another aspect considered in contract workers. Employers wants to make sure that the used money for projects are safe before someone works on full-time and they have to provide them with salary and incentives. Contract workers give companies the time which they need to budget in a new a worker in some weeks whilst still maintaining productivity.

Contract employment benefits employees too

If you have thought that contract employment work in just employer’s interest, then you are wrong. Employees today do not want to get stuck in a specific job where they don’t fit. Thus, contract workers are a bless. The short-term job offers the employee a test-drive of their job without getting stuck there.

Contract employment are available in every niche

In today’s time, contract working is available in every industry right from accounting, marketing, sales, technology, project management, and more. You can just choose it in any field and test yourself.

Contract jobs have benefits

A lot of job seekers ignore the benefits which contract jobs offer because they are looking for full-time jobs with health and retirement advantages. But contract jobs have several benefits and you shouldn’t overlook them.

Contract jobs provides you with fresh contacts

Contract jobs help a person extend his social and professional network. You can make a lot of connections internally as well as externally and leave a good impression on your employer and seek recommendation and referrals for another job.

Do not forget employment contract [ใบสัญญาจ้างงาน, which is the term in Thai] works as a great alternative and can often lead you to permanent and full-time job positions. So, take these opportunities and utilize them in the best possible way.