What Advantages Do Split Conveyor Spools Offer During Industrial Operations?

Split Conveyor Spools replace the regular line-shaft one-piece spools in line-shaft conveyors and removes the need for disassembling conveyors for the replacement of spools, which helps save downtime for the conveyor as well as manual labor. These are designed to substitute regular line-shaft spools and have many advantages.

Why Use Split Conveyor Spools – What are the Benefits?

  • Speeds up conveyors – These spools can accelerate the pace of operations of conveyors, and there is no need to disassemble conveyor. The speed of conveyors can increase by as much as 44%, and the spools can install in just a few seconds. The operational speed is also made faster by the fact that these spools are colored in a vibrant hue, which ensures safety and allows workers to see quickly which of the conveyor zones are moving at a quicker speed.
  • Reduces noise – Unlike regular line-shaft one-piece spools, these do not squeak. These are relatively quiet in operation, which makes it comfortable for people to work around it for a long time. As split conveyor spools are as long on the shaft as standard spools, the replacement is spontaneous for them.
  • Extends belt life – There is superior concentricity, which can offer very efficient rotation and can reduce rolling assistance. This helps save a lot of energy and can also extend the lifespan of the belt. The components fit together in a uniform manner, which ensures that no edges are there to cause abrasion to the line-shaft belts.
  • Durable – These types of spools are long lasting themselves. It is possible to install the spools in clutch action-style or lock them with double-sided tape to the shaft. These are made with high quality materials, which can operate even at higher temperatures and are able to wear for more duration as compared to most plastics.