Worksites must have a Traffic Control Planning Checklist for Safety

Every worksite safety must be your primary concern and the highest levels of standards must be met to keep everything in order. By taking the necessary steps, the work zones will be safe for both the road users and the utility workers. To achieve that, one must have proper planning that will involve the latest resources required to be implemented and a full array of safety solutions for traffic control and management. Here, we are creating a rough traffic control planning checklist for your worksites that you can consider:


Here are certain questions listed that will help you answer if you are planning towards long-term or temporary traffic planning. Likewise, you can take the necessary steps for worksite traffic control:

  • What is the exact flow of traffic in your worksite area?
  • Did you prepare the traffic management plan yourself or has it been provided to you?
  • Have you inspected the plan thoroughly?
  • Have the speed limits within your facility been signed off?
  • Have the changes to the plan been inspected?
  • Did you take the environmental factors into account?
  • Did you consider the movement of public transportation within the facility?
  • Are the junctions, roundabouts, and intersections taken into consideration?

Advanced warning

These warnings are necessary to be considered for assuring the safety of every passer-by. The signage within the worksite will help them adjust their routes and maintain the speed following the needs.

  • Are the road signs all put in place?
  • Is there enough space for signage installation?
  • Is all the contradictory signage been removed?

Worksite preparation

This would ensure that all the people working in the work zone are in a safe position. Here are certain questions that can be asked.

  • Are the workers wearing high visibility clothing to make sure everybody can see them while working?
  • Can the trucks and vehicles move in and out of the sites without causing an obstruction?
  • Will the time of the day determine the rise or fall of traffic flow?
  • Is there enough deployment of onsite personnel?

Other road users

The sites need to be safe for other road users too. They include pedestrians, cyclists, or daily commuters. They might not be aware of the road conditions ahead and hence road signs must be installed to inform them about road closures, speed limit adjustments, and others.

Capital Traffic safety is predominantly looking forward to making the road and worksite conditions safe for everyone. Contact them today and keep the traffic under control.