How to start an Holistic therapy business

Perhaps you’ve often thought about setting up your very own holistic therapy business but have no idea on how to go about it.

It can be difficult not knowing where to start, so to help you out, we’ve got this handy little guide that is going to tell you all that you need to know.

Certify yourself first of all

Before going any further, it’s important that you get certified in holistic health. To do this, you need to get onto a Holistic Health Practitioner Course and get your Diploma for your desired therapy. You may have to complete theory and practical elements during the course, but this will help to build up your confidence to become a fully certified Professional therapist and to be able to treat clients.

If you’ve already completed this part, Bonus! You are ready to move onto the next part, setting up your business.

Where to run your business?

Right, if you have the certificates, now’s the time to find a suitable space to run your business. When people are starting, funds may be limited, and the option to rent out a space may not be viable for you at this present time. Not to worry, you can set up your Holistic therapy business pretty much anywhere, do you have a spare room at home? Or perhaps a family member or friend can offer you some spare space that they may have, just to help you get up and running?

If you do have the funds in order to rent a place to work from, consider the location. Make sure that the location isn’t hard to find, have accessible parking nearby and also make sure that you are about to open a business in an area where people have some interest in holistic therapies, so it’s really important to do your research first.

Spread the word

No business is going to be successful if it isn’t known, so make sure that you are savvy when it comes to getting the word around, use all means possible, get family and friends on board to spread the word as well as possible, perhaps to hand out a few leaflets advertising your services and products.

Use online presence to your advantage because let’s face it, this is where it’s at these days. Websites, social media pages, review sites, search activity, anything that you can do to share your services and to attract a potential client base is a huge advantage. You could also contact local companies who may be interested in your products as an avid way to stamp their authority with regards to health-related concerns.


You will no doubt need to have your own website in order to have somewhere to sell your products from and perhaps even take appointments etc. These days online presence is huge, and it would be a shame to miss out on a whole market of potential clients looking to buy holistic products online so getting one set up ASAP is a good step to make. Websites may not be the most affordable thing, but they are extremely worthwhile, and you could quickly see a turn around with those extra costs once you start making sales.

Open invitations

Many companies will offer an open invitation to their local residents when starting out. It’s a great way to get people through the door to chat and see what services and products are going to be available. Why not create an event for launch night and perhaps offer some refreshments and discount sales on products and services to get the ball rolling? If clients like what they see, they will no doubt come back for more.