Three Illustration Trends And Prints You Should Know

Exploring trends today is essential for any designer. Being up to date with what is happening in the world can help us a lot when creating graphic marketable pieces, either for our own business or to deal with international clients. Trends are valuable, have a lot to do with culture, and are influenced by both political, economic, and social events, which have a direct impact on consumer awareness.

As for the design of prints, it can be something very entertaining. That is why we will be looking into three trends that will be marking the design of patterns and prints. Take note, because these trends can be defining to create your own designs or just be fashionable.


Do you venture? Here I leave you a mood board of references of some artists that have created this trend, along with the color palette so that you can guide yourself when it comes to an illustration picture (gambar ilustrasi, which is the term in Indonesia).


Here it is all about strength, brightness, and contrasts. The elements are vivid, contracting, and a very intense floral fantasy predominates. The strokes and contours are solid and thick, and the color gamut of this trend is quite wide, solid, and vibrant. We can see depth in the compositions. Also, many shapes and drawings with style, both digital and handmade. The delineation of the drawings are quite intense. The flowers are usually exaggerated and sometimes more abstract.

Orient Express

This trend is rightly related to the oriental culture, where delicacy predominates, but also the mythical culture. The elements that compose this are delicate flowers, sakura blossoms, peonies, orchids, and other flowers in a very stylized and elegant way. We can also find animals, but not just any animal. In addition to this, we can see other elements of their culture, buildings, masks, trees, and landscapes.