What Does The PXT Select Assessment Look Like?

PXT Select uses assessment results to predict a candidate’s success. It compares the candidate’s assessment results with a Performance model. PXT Select will use the following data sources to build a performance model.

  • Current employee data
  • Data were taken from our performance model library

A Job Analysis Survey: Insights

Combination of these data sources

Once a performance model has been built, the candidate will be invited to take their PXT job fit assessment. PXT Select uses advanced assessment methods called computerized adaptive testing. Adaptive testing uses hundreds of questions but asks only specific questions based upon how the user answered previous questions. This allows for a faster assessment and more precise results.

Scores are instantly processed and compared with a performance model.

The Verbal Skill section shows that the performance model was looking to hire a candidate with a medium score (between 3-7).

Assessments are about how well candidates fit the model, not how high they scored.

Which Top Positions Were Evaluated With PXT Select 2020?

Since 2017, PXT Select has assessed 100,000 candidates. It has been used by thousands of companies to streamline their hiring processes and avoid bias. Below are the top positions and companies that have used PXT Select as of 2017.

Industries Using PXT

PXT Select is used by managers to hire salespeople giving insight into if a person can do a job. This assessment can also help determine the approach of a candidate to the sales process. PXT Select measures these sales areas:

  • Prospecting: How a candidate plans and pursues sales opportunities with clients.
  • Initial Contact: How a candidate will make an initial introduction to a client
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships: How to establish and maintain a relationship with a client.
  • Closing a Sale: How candidates transition from discussion to transaction.
  • Self-Starting How the candidate takes responsibility.

Resourcefulness How A Candidate Can Maximize Resources To Achieve Goals.

These areas cover the entire sales process. These insights may not apply to every sales team. Teams can only use the most relevant insights for their sales position and process. PXT Select provides insight into the behavioral areas of sales and gives managers insight into how to coach candidates (if they become employees) and how they will fit in a team.

Each section of insights has been written in clear language so that everyone on the hiring team can understand the details of the candidate.

PXT Assessment: Leadership

PXT Select assesses the ability of a candidate to fit in a particular leadership role. PXT Select can also show what leadership abilities a candidate has. PXT Select can help you identify these leadership qualities:

  • How a candidate creates a vision for a group/organization
  • How a candidate creates strategies
  • How a candidate assures results
  • How a candidate inspires employees
  • The candidate is most approachable in leading

How Will Mentor The Leader?

Assessment scores give deeper insight into the leadership style of a candidate. These insights can be used to determine if the candidate can change or fit into an existing organizational culture.

PXT Select Leadership provides a comprehensive overview of the leader and interview questions to aid the entire hiring team in understanding how the candidate would perform.

This overview will help you understand the characteristics of a leader. PXT is even more. These insights are also provided by the Leadership report:

  • Leadership Quality Strengths
  • Weakness in leadership quality