What’s a Smart Washer and Dryer & Why You Need Them for Your Business

Technology has made its way into the laundry industry. One area where technological change is apparent is the increased use of coinless payment systems. This has seen more laundry business owners embrace coin operated washer machines from brands like Girbau North America alongside smart washers and smart dryers. Smart washers are a new range of devices hooked to smartphones or tablets and can transmit important data for the wash cycle. But how do they work, and why do you need them for your business? Read on to learn more.

What Is a Smart Washer and Dryer?

Smart laundry appliances are where the past meets the present. They’re designed with the heavy-duty performance of the coin op laundry machines and include digital controls that have Wi-Fi connectivity. These features include automatic moisture detection, custom cycles, and more. These smart appliances have an excellent physical design that offers advantages over traditional washers and dryers. Smart washers and dryers keep your clients’ clothes in better condition for longer and help you save a lot on your utilities.

What are the benefits of using a smart washer and dryer?

Aside from the obvious advantages, such as sending you a notification once your cycle is over, choosing the smart washer and dryer for your business has several advantages.

Smart washers and dryers are green

Like most modern appliances, the smart washer and dryers are designed to save much power and water. If you are looking for a way to reduce your ecological footprint, smart appliances are the way to go for your business. Smart appliances also allow you to monitor how much water and electricity your clients use with their loads. This comes in handy in taking precautions to help reduce maintenance. You get to know when anything is not working as it should by just looking at the report. Regular maintenance will help you keep the machines operating longer without compromising your clients’ load quality. That also means your washing appliances will use less water resulting in lower water bills.

Smart washers and dyers let your clients customize their wash cycles

Smart washers and dryers come with dedicated apps to help you manage your laundry remotely using your smartphone or tablet. This affords your clients convenience over the traditional washers and dryers, where in most cases, you have to wait for your cycle to end rather than schedule it. The best part about smart laundry, it can download the wash requirements for your specific clothes to avoid damaging your clothes, thus providing professionally cleaned clothes.

Remote activation and quality washes.

Some manufacturers will let you operate the washers from your phone or tablet. You can easily monitor all the activities of the machines in your business premises without having to be there. Smart laundry means that the wash is designed for each client’s specific needs. This leads to better quality washes for your clients. Satisfied customers mean more business and increased referrals.

Smart washers and dryers are among the new trends in the laundry business. So if you are looking to be on top of your game, invest in them and watch your business elevate.