How To Make Your Leather Boot Last Longer

When you buy a leather boot, in addition to a beautiful product, you are looking for a durable shoe. Undoubtedly, leather is a very resistant material, but some basic care is necessary so that you can wear your shoes for a long time.

Maintaining the essential cleaning routine is one of the most important factors in ensuring the duration of your leather boot. Still, alone it will not be able to preserve your footwear. Knowing how to dry, moisturize and store correctly are essential attitudes if you want your boots to last several years.

In this post, we’ll show you some tips to protect your leather boot from external aggressions and preserve the beauty of this comfortable and versatile shoe!

Never Get Your Boot Wet

We know that the first footwear alternative is leather boots for instance a Thorogood boots when the weather is fine. The big problem is that leather is a material that cannot stay wet for long periods. Moisture is very harmful to leather. So, if your leather boot got wet, don’t even think about leaving it to dry in a corner and, even less, putting it away! Use a soft cloth to remove excess liquid and place the pair to dry in the sun. But be careful: too many sundries and crumbles the leather, so be careful. Remember that sweat is also moisture inside your leather boot. Therefore, nothing to store without letting the shoe air out enough to dry completely.

Use Suitable Cleaning And Care Products

At least four times a year, your leather boots should be thoroughly cleaned – which should be even more frequently if you wear the shoes constantly. Although simple, cleaning needs to be done correctly and with the right products, avoiding the degradation of the leather and preventing premature wear. Almost always, a damp cloth is sufficient for cleaning. On the sole, water and a soft brush remove trapped dirt. Never use cleaning products on your leather boot, such as alcohol or detergent. This can dull your shoes, weaken the leather and even tear it.

After cleaning, hydration of your leather boot is essential to prevent drying and recover the texture of the shoes.

Store Your Shoes Properly

To always be ready for use, your leather boot should be kept clean and in an airy place to avoid the proliferation of fungi on the shoe’s surface. That doesn’t mean they can’t go in the closet, but boots can’t be kept in a plastic bag, for example.

In addition, the leather boot must be accommodated in a way that does not wrinkle so that marks and deformations are not generated in the original format. The ideal is to store the boots upright, keeping their shape and preventing the leather from sticking to the wood and damaging your shoes. And don’t stack one on top of the other: in the long run, it will ruin your leather boot.

A few simple attitudes and a little routine can transform your leather boot, make it last much longer, and provide you with several moments enjoying the comfort of these shoes.