Should You Apply for PR in Singapore After Rejection?

If you have plans to move to Singapore, it can be frustrating to see said plans derail. It could be from any number of reasons, but one that stumps many immigrants is the dreaded PR rejection letter. What could you have done wrong, and what should your next steps be after this? This quick guide will run down possible reasons why your PR application got rejected and whether you should apply for PR in Singapore again or appeal your original application.

Why was I rejected?

First, re-check if you’re eligible to apply for PR in Singapore. Only the following are allowed to do so currently:

  • Spouses of permanent and Singaporean citizens
  • Unmarried children of permanent and Singaporean citizens
  • Elderly parents of Singaporean citizens
  • Students studying in Singapore
  • Holders of an Employment Pass
  • Foreign investors

After double-checking your eligibility, you should check if you completed your Singapore PR requirements. There are explanatory notes for each eligible group available online. For example, if you’re a student, look for the explanatory notes for applying students.

You could have also been rejected for reasons such as your income or professional skill set. The ICA typically prefers high-income citizens with unique or helpful skills that can serve the rest of the community, such as healthcare professionals. Sometimes, Singapore PR requirements include the length of your stay so far. If it hasn’t been long enough, wait out the six months it takes for you to reapply. Your duration might have been long enough at that point.

Furthermore, submitting the mandatory requirements and nothing else can damage your chances. There are ways to make your application stand out compared to the rest, which we cover below.

How can I improve my application?

Before you apply for PR in Singapore online again, consider doing these to make your application stand out:

Add proof of integration into the Singapore community. 

Showing that you’re integrating into the community can help the ICA view you as someone who’s already part of it. If you want to integrate into the community, consider volunteering at a non-profit organisation.

Add a cover letter. 

A professionally written cover letter dictating why you’d be a great candidate is excellent to include alongside your Singapore PR requirements.

Should I appeal or reapply?

You can only appeal your application if your circumstance has changed drastically since sending your original application. For example, if you applied for Singapore permanent resident eligibility as a student, you can appeal your application if you’ve graduated since submitting it the first time. You can also appeal your application if you have accomplishments or contributions you forgot to detail in your original submission. These can increase your chances of being accepted. Otherwise, consider reapplying instead. You’ll be able to reapply six months after the initial rejection.

Did you receive a PR rejection letter? You can take it to Singapore Immigration Partners, who can analyse the situation and advise you on improvements, rectifications and reapplying for Singapore permanent resident eligibility. Evaluate your chances today by contacting Singapore Immigration Partners.