What Are The Types Transportations in The Contemporary Transport Industries?

Everybody understands transportation as a way to go from one place to another. In the olden period, people walked on feet to reach a place. In the course of time, they began using animals like horses, bulls, camels, mules, donkeys to ride and get to their destinations. Once the wheels were invented, people travelled great distances at ease with wheeled chariots pulled by animals. Eventually, the wheel technology improved in many ways along with replacement of animals by machines to roll the wheels. The contemporary transportation has developed enormously in terms of speed and luxury because of the technological contributions to transportation. Get the best transportation service from Fortuna Transport for your entire requirement of transportation and logistics services.

 There are basically three types of transportation in the contemporary period. They are transportation by road, by air and by sea. People travel by several modes of transportation on land or road, such as by motorcycle, car, bus, train etc. In the early days of automobiles, the rich and the ruling classes could afford them. The early days’ automobiles were a status symbol and luxurious commodity for the influential people in society. In the course of technological development, automobiles became affordable and everybody availed the facilities of travelling on automobiles either by private or personal vehicles or by public transport.

Ships are the major medium for waterways transportation, and once upon a time sea played a major route for reaching places continentally. In the olden period, warships crossed the ocean boundaries for two reasons, one for invasion and the other discoveries. Later during the mediaeval, sea routes were the only way for goods transportation, and the same is prevailing even today.

Now that the airways are swifter and comfortable, everybody wishes to travel in flight both in domestic transportation as well as international. On the other hand, when we talk about transportation in a commercial view, the concept and the definition of transportation becomes wider and in-depth. As per popular understanding, transportation means moving of humans, animals and goods from one place to another. The mode of transportation goes beyond the three types mode namely land, sea and sky to land, air, water, cable, pipeline and space. Eventually, the field of transportation can be divided into three basic broad categories i.e. infrastructure, vehicles and operations. The primary functions of transportation are characterised more in relation to trade which is one of the essential elements for the development of civilizations.