How to Gift a Friend Crypto

Deciding what to give someone as a present can be rather complicated. But everything changes when all you need to do is find a creative way to give them cash. By giving them cryptocurrency, you can easily present them with the option of selling it or getting a long-term investment.

The only issue that arises then, is how to give them the cryptocurrency without directly asking for a wallet address. When you need to surprise someone with crypto, there are a few ways to go when you want to present them with a gift. One way is by sending crypto with OSOM. Here are some other ways to do it;

Creative Ways to Gift Crypto 

There are several ways to gift people cryptocurrency without having to get their wallet addresses. Some particularly creative ways are:

  • Create a Dummy Wallet

When creating a dummy wallet, you make it in your name, purchase, and store the cryptocurrency in the assigned wallet address. After this is concluded, you store the login details of the wallet on paper and present them as a gift to the recipient.

  • Hardware Wallet

A hardware wallet is an encrypted hardware storage device used to ensure that cryptocurrency is not stolen when software wallets are backed or compromised. This option is safe and allows you to store the crypto effectively in a gift you can wrap up and keep. The encryption key of the hardware wallet is then presented to the receiver to give them access.

  • Vouchers

A crypto voucher is a simple way to redeem and purchase cryptocurrency without using an exchange. You can purchase a crypto voucher of a specified amount and gift it to the person you want. This way, they don’t have to stress over logging into a new wallet and transferring the crypto when they can simply redeem a voucher.

  • Gift Cards

Gift cards are sold in specific amounts, from as low as 10 dollars to as high as 500 dollars. You can buy 1 gift card or multiple denominations to give as a present. Gift cards can be sold to other crypto enthusiasts, brokers, or redeemed on exchanges.

  • Donations

If you want to make it a group activity you can have multiple friends get in on it and start doing donations to build an even bigger cryptocurrency portfolio.

Choosing a coin to gift to your loved one is easy, you can pick one that shows promise by reading about its smart contract and market value. Choosing an already existing coin that is already listed in exchanges and has high value and volatility is the best option. This way, you can avoid scam coins and coins that never get listed. You can also casually try to get information about their preferred choices and pick from there or go with the popular choice and give them bitcoin.

The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. So, always remember to add a nice note or message to show why you thought of the gift.