How Is Credit Union Better Than Banks

Credit unions came at a time when the world was in turmoil, companies were bankrupt. So many hopes had been lost.  This was during the great depression which happened in the ’80s and affected the economy, destroyed businesses that even farmers were not exempted. It was during this tough time that credit union was born to restore hopes to lives and businesses which it still does to date. It was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and it provided loans to those turned away by banks. Their aim then was to help people get the money needed to help put their lives in order.  This is the same standard that the Denver credit union operates. We are committed to you and this shows in the way we place what you need above any other thing. Making profit has never been the reason why the Credit union was birthed in the first place and the Denver credit union still upholds that standard. 

We offer similar services as the banks do. We make saving, investing, and loaning money available to you but our mode of operation makes us distinct. Serving you is while we operate and came to exist. We operate to offer help to you whenever you need it. We are cooperative and see you as members which is why the way we treat you will always be different. We take credit cards available at no charge, car loans at no charge fee or low down fee. we are recognized by the United States government. We see you as part of us and look for better ways to help out. Banks are financial institutions set up solely for profit-making. They make a profit through charges and high interest rates which they offer to customers.  Since we do not make a profit we put back all we get to give you lesser interest rates. We have the best interest rate on every deposit you make in your savings account. 

Denver credit union focuses on you as its member and thinks up new ways to make you financially stable. The only similarity that exists between credit unions and banks is the services they render but the mode of operation makes them different. Banks are looking for ways to make a profit to benefit their shareholders and keep them happy and credit unions are looking for ways for newer methods of reducing the low rates that already exist while increasing the interest rate on savings. We also process loan applications quickly and make it easy for you to access our platform from wherever you are.