Four things every new cat parent should keep in mind!

Being a pet parent comes with its little challenges. Though there are no fixed set of rules which one needs to follow, there are certain things that every pet parent should always keep in mind.

Cats are excellent pets and the cat owner will never regret the decision of buying/adopting a cat. However, some cats can be a little difficult to manage – especially for the new cat parents, but it becomes easy after some time of cat ownership.

Below mentioned are the 4 things that every new cat owner should never forget to keep their feline friend safe and healthy!

Keep your cat safe by getting a flea, tick and worming treatments!

Even if your cat mostly stays indoors, it is not always possible to protect them from fleas, ticks and worms. For example, mosquitoes carry heartworms and can quickly enter your house and cause problems for your cat. Over the years, there has been much research regarding flea, tick and worm prevention, so take suggestions from your veterinary physician about the best products to help your pet combat the risks.

Never let your cat outdoors unsupervised!

OK, so this isn’t really possible for most people. Yes, there are cats who are 100% indoor cats – normally they live in apartments – but most do need some outdoor time. Just be careful with it. They can roam too far and get lost, and they can venture onto roads where they risk being hit by a car. Further, if they’re kept out at night they will likely try to kill wildlife – which isn’t safe for them or the wildlife. Have a good think about how much outdoor time you cat really needs.

Never miss the vet’s appointments

Cats, just like humans, need regular medical checkups. Your cat may look healthy but might have some underlying health issues. Besides that, they need annual vaccinations throughout their lifetime. That is why one should make vet appointments for regular health checkups to identify your cat’s needs and any problems, to stop them from becoming of big concern. In today’s time, it is even easier to take care of your furballs. All you need to do is register for car insurance online – it will take care of many of the medical expenses.

Take care when taking your cat for a drive.

New cat owners should never forget that many cats are uncomfortable with a car ride. Whenever you are taking your cat somewhere in a car – always put them in a cat carrier that can be secured to the car by a seatbelt. You don’t want them to become a flying missile in the case of an accident. And while we’re talking accidents, be sure to put your comprehensive car insurance to use for the repair costs!

Pets fill our lives with fun, and they also become a huge part of our families. They lessen our stress levels and reduce lonely feelings. Also, cats are supports for a child’s emotional growth and development. In return, as accountable cat owners, everyone wants to make sure that our animals are kept healthy and energetic, that they get nutritious meals, love, affection, proper housing and care.

Follow our simple steps above to take the best care of your pet!