Are man-made diamonds and real diamonds same?

There’s a lot of confusion between real diamonds and man-made diamonds. This is also one of the very common questions that customers ask. Earlier, lab-grown diamonds didn’t gain recognizance because people couldn’t think that the quality can be compared to natural diamonds. As far as optical and physical properties are concerned, both are the same. You might also be surprised to know that even industry experts cannot figure the difference between the two with their naked eyes. This is because of the similar characteristics that both the diamonds share. They are also graded on the basis of 4Cs. Also, they both have the same clarity and sparkle. They both are the same but they are different only on two aspects. Knowing the 4Cs diamond can help you make the right purchase.

  • Lab-grown diamonds are less costly than man-made diamond, thus making them an ideal option for weddings and engagement rings.
  • Man-made diamonds are eco-friendly. They are produced inside a closed chamber under controlled temperature and pressure conditions.

In this context, one needs to understand these differences in detail.

Cost differences:

Real diamonds are expensive because they are mined from beneath the earth’s surface. On the other hand, manmade diamonds are affordable and you can save up to 40% cost. It means you can save that extra amount and you can either spend it on paying your down-payments or use it on your honeymoon. So it’s quite visible that the savings that you make from manmade diamonds can help you spend on other important things.


It’s impossible to differentiate between a lab-grown and a natural diamond. Appearance-wise, they look identical. You’ll be surprised to know that even industry experts cannot compare the two with naked eyes. Optically, they are indistinguishable.  Special tools might be needed for making the comparisons. Check the grading report if you wish to check the authenticity of the lab-grown diamond. Check whether the diamond is graded based on the 4Cs i.e. cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. This report ascertains that you have made the right purchase. Also, both these diamonds have a similar sparkle.


Lab-grown diamonds are environment friendly because they are grown under controlled conditions and inside a closed chamber. But natural diamonds are extracted through mining. The laborers work under hazardous conditions and bulky equipment is used. High levels of carbon are emitted causing heavy pollution. Moreover, mining imposes a detrimental impact on Mother Nature. It includes deforestation, soil erosion, agricultural problems, and water pollution.  Moreover, diamond mining requires heavy usage of water i.e. 126 gallons of water per carat. Natural diamonds, on the other hand, needs 18 gallons of water per carat.

Therefore, you can clearly the difference between the two. Both are real diamonds but they differ in terms of their cost, sustainability, and origin point. Lab-grown diamonds stand out to be the superior choice. Learn man made diamonds advantages and read various articles on how to buy the best diamond ring so that you invest in the right things.