Your New Job Is Now Just a Phone Call Away

The more popular your service gets, the more inquiries you will receive from potential new customers. This makes your new job a phone call away and the way you handle it is a crucial determinant of your business success. If you’ve been booking most of the calls you receive, well and good! If that is not the case, these tips will help you:

  1. Be available 100% of the time

Companies that help you with junk removal leads do well in attracting the attention of potential customers. Consequently, you’ll never know when a possible client decides to call you. Making sure that your phone’s settings are ready to help you convert that call into bucks is essential. Firstly, make sure your phone has been charged sufficiently and that it is with you even during a job. Secondly, it is a good idea to not put your phone in silent mode. It is even better to have a specific ringtone for unknown numbers which may very well be your new clients. Assigning a particular tone can help you filter calls that you can delay against those you shouldn’t.

  1. Be call-ready

You may be in the middle of transporting a couch and in the middle of a difficult conversation, but as difficult as it may sound, being ready to cater to your potential client’s inquiry is your obligation to your sales. Catch that breath, gather yourself and your thoughts, and smile as you answer the call.

  1. Have a call structure prepared

No two phone calls are the same. This makes it all the more vital for you to be ready for what’s to come. Have a list of all the information your potential customer will need from you and all the details you will need from them. Find a call flow that you’re most comfortable in, making sure that you answer the questions you have in mind and those of the customer too.

Preparing all the information necessary for you to give a quote and make an appointment with the customer will make you sound like you know what you’re doing. There’s nothing more attractive to customers than professionalism. Your ability to handle customer inquiries well invites trust and the ease of doing business with you. With this, what’s there for clients not to like?

  1. Be ready to handle objections

Never end your conversation with “alright, I will wait to hear from you again” without booking an appointment. If the customer called you, there’s a high chance they wanted you to do something for them. You not getting that job means someone else will. Don’t be afraid to politely ask where the hesitation is coming from, and from there be ready to negotiate.

Customers are unlikely to redial your number if you miss the chance of booking their business. Doing things right the first time and every time will help you land as many jobs as you can. Getting people to come to you is the first step; making them your customer is another. Good luck!