Comprehensive EXANTE Review for UK Traders

If you are looking for a powerful and legitimate trading platform to use in the United Kingdom, the software provided by EXANTE is one of the options available to you. This global broker operates online worldwide and has physical branches not only in Europe but also in Asia.

EXANTE is commonly considered a trading platform catered to the needs of advanced traders. However, it can also be suitable for beginners. If you are wondering whether this broker will be a good choice for you, read this EXANTE review.

EXANTE in the UK

EXANTE is a legitimate broker licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, with the reference number 789421. In the United Kingdom, EXANTE also has a branch operating under the LHCM Ltd name. This company is incorporated in Wales and England with the registration number 09989858.

Not only is the company fully regulated in the United Kingdom but its physical presence in the country provides a brick-and-mortar office you can visit if necessary. Although EXANTE is known for its robust customer support available 24/7, partnering with a broker that has a physical office in your country can provide additional benefits, such as easier access to in-person consultations.

Note that the FCA is just one of the reputable governmental institutions that licensed EXANTE. The broker also holds licenses issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the Malta Financial Services Authority, and the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

Trading Instruments and Markets

If you are specifically interested in trading on the UK markets, you can benefit from choosing EXANTE as it will give you access to the stock, commodity and other financial product exchanges based in this region, including EURONEXT, LSEIOB, LME, ICE EU, LSE, and LSEAIM.

Meanwhile, the UK is only one of the markets supported by EXANTE, which also covers many other countries, such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the US, Turkey, Cyprus, Portugal, Norway, Germany, the RSA, China, Singapore, Japan, and many others. All of these markets can be accessed through a single EXANTE account.

When it comes to the choice of trading instruments, EXANTE has an impressive offering, including over a million products to choose from. With this broker, you can trade funds, bonds, options, stocks, ETFs, futures, currencies, and metals.

The EXANTE Software

While you can access EXANTE in person, as it has an office in the UK, or place your orders through the phone, this is unlikely what you are looking for. Modern trading operates online, and EXANTE has the ultimate solution for customers from the UK and other countries.

The EXANTE Trading Platform

EXANTE provides traders with a comprehensive platform for free. Its application can be run on phones or tablets using either iOS or Android operating systems, or installed as a desktop version on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

The EXANTE platform allows users to place orders, trade, and manage their accounts. To help new clients get accustomed to the user interface and functionality, EXANTE offers a demonstrative version of the platform that includes a demo account.

With the demo account, customers can leverage virtual funds of 1 million EUR to trade on most of the markets supported by the broker. Although the live EXANTE account will provide you with a larger selection of markets, this solution is still ideal not only for becoming proficient with the trading platform but also for practicing trading in general and assessing the feasibility of your trading and risk management strategies.

Automated Trading with EXANTE

While the EXANTE platform serves as a comprehensive trading solution, its functionality is further enhanced by the EXANTE API, based on the industry-standard FIX 4.4 protocol, which is dedicated to algorithmic trading. EXANTE’s infrastructure is supported by 1,100 servers worldwide, ensuring stability and high-speed services. This approach enables the broker to maintain exceptionally low latency, with transaction execution speeds of just 10 milliseconds.

Together with the EXANTE API, available for free to traders with account balances starting from 50,000 GBP, customers can leverage this low latency to execute automated trades and take advantage of market opportunities.

Additionally, the EXANTE API for algorithmic trading can be integrated with third-party solutions. Therefore, if you want to enhance the trading capabilities of your favourite app or the custom software you are currently using, consider integrating it with the EXANTE API.

Apart from the FIX API, EXANTE also offers an HTTP API that combines features of HTTP REST and HTTP streaming APIs, which streamlines data retrieval and can be used for building robust financial platforms.

Final Thoughts

EXANTE is licensed by UK authorities, which makes the broker legitimate in this country. EXANTE also has a physical office in the United Kingdom, which is a great advantage for UK-based customers.

Advanced traders from the UK can utilise the EXANTE platform for executing complex strategies, including high-frequency and algorithmic trading. Meanwhile, beginners can minimise their risks by starting with the demonstrative account, which does not require depositing any funds or undergoing thorough verification. While the broker supports many financial markets in the UK, it also allows traders to access numerous other markets around the world.