Workplace HR Investigation Protocols: All You Need To Know

An internal investigation, and specifically an HR investigation, is sometimes the best way in which an organization can gain uninhibited access to its employees and how they function, and to determine how certain factors affect their productivity levels and what areas need to be looked into. As an employer, it is essential to keep track of employees, their work performance, and their job satisfaction levels too.

However, HR investigations do go beyond these matters. In case of any misconduct that takes place at the office, an investigation is bound to follow. For this investigation, there has to be an interview to understand the nature and scope of action that needs to be taken. With these duties come the protocols about getting them done.

1) It is all about interviewing the right people at the right time

Conducting the perfect investigation interview preceding the investigation itself is quite the task. The interviews need to be chronologically well arranged to get into the full-depth of the matter in a specific amount of time.

2) Be ready to answer questions too

The person who is being interviewed should have a clear idea about their participation level and about why it is important for them to be there. When you have their confidence, they are able to share the exact details of the event with you.  

3) Interviews aren’t to be delayed

It is crucial that one works keeping time constraints in mind so that neither the interviews nor the investigation process in itself causes any disruption to the normal functioning of the office (more than is necessary). The HR department has to take great care when it comes to sensitive issues.

4) Follow standard protocols and document the findings

It is suggested that one sticks with regular interview protocols and makes sure that things go as planned. A questionnaire is to be prepared which needs to be systematic and should shed light onto the investigation. Also, every interview finding must be documented because it’ll serve as proof.

The anonymity and security of the interviewee should be provided if asked for as well.

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