What is the use of piling pipes?

Pipe piles are gaining popularity and are mainly used for projects involving heavy loads or deep foundations, and transferring loads from buildings and structures to underground soil layers. These pipes are nothing but steel pipes that are seamless, welded, and spiral-welded. These pipes are highly durable and strong and their strength and load-bearing capabilities can be maximized by filling them with concrete. Thicker and larger pipe piles are more cost-effective for construction than filling thin and small piles with concrete. These sturdy piles are simple to drive and install. If you are planning to purchase pipe piles like h piles for your construction use then always choose a reputed pipe pile brand for all your needs.

Use of piling pipes:-

  • Build superstructures: Pipe piles are great to use for building superstructures like skyscrapers and bridges. The steel used generally has high yield strength. This helps in providing high bending capacities to resist flexural stresses due to the high load from these superstructures like high-rise buildings and long bridges. It can also resist flexural stress or lateral earth pressures from the soil for building earth-retaining structures. 
  • Main components for building combination walls: Pipe piles are used as the key flexural component during sheet pile applications for the continuous wall. It is done in combination with infill sheet pipes. Infill sheet pipes are nothing but a pair of U and Z sheets placed between two pipes. Such positioning for combination walls provides greater bending moment capacity and also allows maintenance of an optimized wall design. 
  • Used as a part of composite piles: In most construction and engineering work steel pipe piles are turned into composite piles after filling the pipes with concrete and driving them into the ground. Such composite pipe piles have greater rigidity and provide better resistance to various external loads, either static or dynamic. For example – earthquake loads, and wind loads.
  • Easy installation and jointing: Due to the characteristics of pipe piles, it is easy to use for the jointing of piles by welding as compared to other steel structures. This is an efficient construction method and can reduce the duration of the project. 

For using sturdy structural support there are numerous options available in the market. Some of these options are concrete piles, steel sheet piles, and wood piles. However, no one can beat the properties of the pipe piles or steel pipes. These are popular due to the customizable option and the cost-effective measure. These pipes are pre-built structures hammered into the ground. Pipe piles not only handle heavy structural loads but also can be adjusted as per the needs of the project. Therefore, go for a high-quality pipe pile company that will help you buy the right product.