Types, functions and classification of warehouses – Logistics process in stock


Warehouses are one of the most important elements of logistics systems. In logistics processes, warehouses perform the following functions, temporary placement and storage of material stocks, transformation of material flows and provision of logistic service in the service system. This explains a large number of various types of warehouses.


In size – from small premises to giant warehouses (with an area of ​​several hundred thousand square meters)

Height of stowage – there are warehouses in which special devices are capable of lifting and placing cargo into a cell at a height of more than 24 m

Structures – closed, placed in separate rooms; semi-closed, having only a roof and an incomplete number of walls; open, representing specially equipped platforms

Content – (storage) parameters where a special temperature and humidity mode is maintained

Availability of railway tracks or water-station or port warehouses

The breadth of the range of stored goods – specialized, with a mixed or universal assortment

A sign of the place – warehouses in the area of ​​movement of products for industrial purposes and consumer goods.

Location of the logistic hub

Warehouses located in places where production is concentrated (output wholesale bases) accept goods from industrial enterprises in large quantities, complete and send large quantities of goods to wholesale buyers located in places of consumption. Warehouses located in places of consumption (trade wholesale bases) receive goods of the production range and, forming a wide range of goods, supply them with retail trade enterprises.

The purpose of the classification of warehouses in logistics is to identify those or other signs of systematization of the warehouse facility as an element of the logistics system that affects the characteristics of the material flow such as a variety of types of warehouses in the logistics system, the functions, Usage of Storage, and tasks performed by them, the features of the processed cargoes, etc., Specialists classify warehouses in logistics according to the main features.

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Modern concept

The concept of logistics requires an integrated approach to the management of a system of distribution channels through which goods are delivered to the company’s warehouse, their internal processing and sale to the consumer.The breadth of the logistics process is primarily due to the coordination of the delivery of goods, the management of their stocks and the provision of sales. At the same time, orderliness in the time of the entire cargo processing cycle should be observed to meet the necessary criterion.

Logistics process – a certain sequence of basic logistics operations and a set of actions to ensure their implementation in order to effectively interact with the elements and optimize the logistics system as a whole. The logistics process in a warehouse can be viewed as the management of logistics operations associated with cargo handling (operational management), and the coordination of related services, one way or another ensuring the efficient operation of the warehouse. This logistic process is not identified with a purely physical cargo handling, related to the field of technology. For more details browse reputed sites.