How To Integrate Wine Cellars Into Your Home Storage

After being kept hidden for a long time, the bottles of wine go up the steps of the cellar and settle in your interior space to give it character. Whether small or large cellars, wooden lockers, small refrigerators with a built-in thermostat, fixed or mobile minibars, wood or steel, or even aeroplane drink trolleys. 

Then you can make your wine cellar a discreet or central part of your home. By hiding it behind a cupboard or under a staircase for example, or by embedding it in the furniture of a kitchen. Another possibility: take it fully by opting for a large structure, or by creating a coherent set like a cozy wine bar. And why not keep your bottles in the basement. While making them accessible and visible directly from your living room? 

In short, you will understand, there are as many wines as ways to present them, and House apart reveals some of them. 

  • A Wine Cellar Integrated Into A Kitchen

It can be embedded in the Rent storage [เช่าที่เก็บของ, which is the term in Thai] of a kitchen; a wine cellar conservation becomes an aesthetic object in its own right. Perfectly integrated, thanks to its minimalist white frame no bigger than a small refrigerator, it seems to face the living room, as an element linking the two areas. 

  • A Wine Cellar Slipped Between Two Cupboards In The Kitchen

Close to the built-in refrigerator, this open storage allows bottles of wine to be stored horizontally. Simplicity and a vintage touch that does not denote with the style of the open kitchen. 

  • A Wine Cellar As A Storage Cabinet

As a small buffet specially dedicated to wine bottles and other spirits, this wine rack turns into a small wine cellar in complete harmony with the rest of the dining room furniture. Wood, metal, in a modern industrial style, and a capacity of 25 bottles stored with ease.

  • A Wine Cellar To Separate Spaces

This imposing wine rack, made of untreated wood, creates a first separation between the kitchen and the living/dining area. What’s more, this wall, unlike the others, will change appearance depending on the number of bottles that occupies it.

  • A Wine Cellar Dug In The Living Room Floor

Here, the wine becomes a decorative element without leaving the basement. A bay window gives access to a spiral staircase that descends directly to the cellar and offers a bird’s eye view of the bottles. It is embellished with mood lighting; the atmosphere will only be more suitable for an intimate tasting evening.