Android TV BOX launcher

Most popular smart TV box is the Android TV box. Many like to customize their TV box. Not externally, I mean from software side. It is nicer to have your own customized home screen with app icons. Using a different wallpaper, widgets and more. But it is not simple as you think. There are many reasons for that.

In current market there are two types of Android TV boxes. One with actual Android TV operating system and others with Android operating system. There are many cheap TV boxes that run Android instead of Android TV. You won’t find any major drawbacks or differences on those two types of TV boxes. Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX, Chromecast are example TV boxes that run Android TV OS. T95Q, SkyStream are some example TV boxes that run Android OS.

However, there are many limitations on TV boxes. For example, Android TV does not allow you to change wallpaper, add widgets, change app icons and etc. These may be false for TV boxes running Android OS. However, you can try one of the best Android TV launchers that allows you to customize your home screen easily.

There are not many TV launcher for free. ATV launcher is one of the best and free TV launchers available for Android TV boxes. Below show some features of this launcher.

Features of ATV launcher for TV BOX

  • Support widgets. You can add widgets from Android apps and games to customize your home screen.
  • You can easily navigate on your home screen using D-pad. Better D-Pad optimization.
  • You can customize app icons or tiles. Most of the time TV box home screen filled with Movies, TV shows and other apps. You can customize those app icons. You can set color, images or even add transparency to make your home screen futuristic.
  • Automatically create app tiles using its app icons and banners.
  • Most importantly you can change wallpaper. Add your favorite wallpaper for your Android TV home screen.
  • Simple, fast and light weight. So, you can install it without taking much storage. You can run it without worrying device performance. Do you feel device start to slow due to many apps and running services? You can use performance booster application like Clean Master to bring lost performance and storage quickly.

This is a free TV box launcher that you can install on any Android TV or on your phone for fun. For phones you can use default app store which is Play Store. If not, you can try alternative app stores like AC Market.

For Android TV boxes you can use Google play store TV. However, there are many TV boxes without play store like Fire TV devices. You can use Filelinked or Aptoide TV.