What to do in case of Rideshare Accident?

Rideshare Injury Attorney

Over the last 5 years, the concept of ridesharing has been very popular among people. People find it an economical and convenient way of traveling. Many people prefer ridesharing as it resolves there worries related to driving through that traffic and finding a parking place. In ridesharing, the convenience of your ride totally depends upon the driver. One mistake on behalf of the driver and you may end up in a major car accident.

In ridesharing, you have to be dependent on the driving skills of the driver. A ride with an irresponsible driver may cause you a lot. Hence it is very important to have a clear understanding of what you should do in case you get into a rideshare accident? You should be well aware of your rights and also about the do’s and don’ts with respect to a rideshare accident. California laws related to ridesharing accidents are quite complicated. Small negligence on your behalf may create lots of complications in your path of getting justice and compensation.

Important DO’s and Don’ts in case you get involved in a rideshare accident:

Get medical attention: If you get involved in a ridesharing accident, the very first thing to do is get professional medical help. Look for your injuries. In case you faced minor injuries and are able to move then check the other passengers, driver, and pedestrian involved in the accident. In case you faced fatal injuries then don’t move and wait for medical assistance. Moreover, to get a rideshare accident injury claim, you need to have supportive medical reports and other related documentation.

Report the accident to authorities: Once the injury is taken care of call the authorities and report the accident. Under California Law, the accident involving any kind of injuries should be reported to the police. Police Reports acts as important evidence in case of the accident. Remember to get the details like name, badge number, etc. of the police officers who visit the accident site.

Collect the information: Accidents can be very traumatic. It’s very easy to get confused. If you get involved in a rideshare accident try to collect yourself and try to think clearly. Gather as much as information possible. Information like driver’s name, contact details, address, details of their insurance company, license plate number, etc. are very important. In case there is any witness then get the witness name, contact numbers, and address. If possible, click pictures of the crash site.  All this information can play a crucial role at the time of filing the case.

Contact Ridesharing company and report the accident: It is very important that you contact the ridesharing company and tell them about the crash. Dealing with the ridesharing company is not an easy task. They try their best to save themselves from any kind of liability. Sometimes they even try to put the entire blame on to the driver. Handling rideshare companies need expertise and depth knowledge of California Law. Hence, it is always advisable to take the advice of the experts and hire Rideshare Injury Attorney.

Hire Rideshare Injury Attorney: Procedures of handling ridesharing accidents are quite complicated. Most of the ridesharing companies are quite big firms. They have a specialized panel of legal advisors to take of such accidental cases. Hence, fighting these experts on your own may not be a good idea. To get justice and to claim settlement for your losses it is better to hire an expert at dealing with them.

Contact your own insurance company: Once you get control of yourself and the situation, contact your insurance agency. Inform them about the accident. Make sure that you tell the truth about the entire situation. Make sure never to lie or hide anything from them. In case your lie gets caught you may end up losing the entire claim amount.

It is always advisable to hire a ridesharing accident attorney. They can help you in settling your compensation claim from the rideshare company’s insurance company and also from the driver. In many cases, to get the insurance claim,  the victim needs to file a lawsuit. A ridesharing accident attorney will help you in getting the best possible settlement for your pain, and sufferings.