JBT FoodTech

JBT FoodTech is a subsidiary of JBT Corporation, having head office in Chicago Illinois, United States. JBT FoodTech is a prime brand and manufacturer of industrial equipment related to the food processing and handling industry. JBT FoodTech was formerly known as FMC food tech. JBT Food Tech has offered a long list of products for its industrial partners and for operators at the commercial level. Let’s take a look at what exactly is offered by JBT Food Tech and in which field.

Starting with the bottle makers, JBT Food Tech offers Bottle Tec Extrusion Blow-Molder can produce bottles in almost any possible shape and with innovation. The molds are easily changed to accommodate different container designs. Next in the line is Brine producer. MEPSCO Brine Mix & Chill System and Wolf-Tec Brine Systems are the smart choices of the brine producers and key to marinade preparations.

Next in the row are Choppers, peelers, Corers, Cutters, and Emulsifiers. These specialties are done by JBT C8-A Apple Preparation System, Pear Corer Model C8P, ReadyGo CHOPPER/BLENDER, cutters, and Rubber Cord Scrubber, etc. next range is clipping and packaging range. This range includes Semi-Automatic Clippers, Automatic clippers, Bag & Clip systems, Net Clip systems, SwiStick Hanging System, etc.

Evaporators line

Another product line is the Evaporators line which includes T.A.S.T.E. Evaporator, Forced Circulation Evaporator, and Hybrid Evaporator for smart technologies and smart industries. The next range includes Filler machines and includes Aseptic Fillers and Rotary Fillers. Another range includes Freezers, Chillers, Refrigerators, and proofers, being the most important range at the commercial level, includes premium products. This range consists of C.A.T. FATCAT Chillers, C.A.T. Impingement/Crusting Freezer, Frigoscandia Freezers, Northfield Freezers range, and Refrigeration range.

Moreover, the manufacturing range doesn’t stop here. This range further escalates to Fresh Produce Technologies including Fresh Producing Chemicals, Fresh Produce Equipment, and Fresh Produce Identification. Next is Fryers or Filters range including Stein FA Series Laboratory Fryer, Stein M-Fryer, Stein MX-Micromax Series Centrifugal Hot Oil Filter, Stein SF Series Force Flow Hot Oil Filter, and Stein TFF Thermo FIN Conveyor zed Thermal Fluid Immersion Fryer.

High-Pressure Processors

Another product line includes High-Pressure Processors which, manufactured by JBT FoodTech are utilized by food manufacturers around the globe and even by the world’s largest poultry producers because of serving up healthy, delicious and safe products and double and triple shelf life without chemicals, additives or heat. This range includes Avure AV-10, AV-M, AV-X, and AV-S.

JBT FoodTech also comes up with Laboratory devices for commercial use in the Food Technology industry likewise PulpView Analyser, Quick Fibre Device, and Tenderometer. While talking about the ovens and cookers, JBT FoodTech has offered a long list of Ovens and Cookers for different levels and different scale of commercial use. It even comes up with Multiphase Cooking Components. These product ranges don’t stop here. Still, more to come in the range that is manufactured and served by JBT FoodTech. It has proved with its experience and serving record that it is one of the reliable brands across the globe while serving the Food Processing industry.