How to choose the commercial refrigerator when it comes to your growing business?

A commercial freezer for the kitchen is a big event, which means that everyone’s profits will grow more and more, and their income will be much better than before. The useful life of a commercial kitchen refrigerator is the same as that of other things. Generally speaking, the life of a commercial kitchen refrigerator with good quality is almost 3-5 years. The duration of the life of a kitchen refrigerator is not only related to its own quality, but also related to the usual maintenance of the person using it.

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What should we do at this stage?

After a commercial refrigerator arrives in the kitchen, a user must check random accessories in a commercial freezer after unpacking the box and check the completeness of accessories for a commercial kitchen freezer other than the cabinet or not. A new industrial freezer for the kitchen does not immediately turn on for use. Be sure to leave a commercial freezer turn on in the kitchen for 30 minutes or an hour. This is important. Do not immediately put the food products into the freezer. Let the freezer collaborate with the home atmosphere.

Cleaning is important

Cleaning is a part of daily maintenance. You can daily clean your commercial refrigerator with a soft cloth or sponge drowning in soap water. After cleaning and wiping, use a dry cloth to wipe the body. This way the freezer body will remain stainless for years. After every week you must clean the inner chamber. Take out the remaining foods, clean with a wet sponge, then clean again with the dry cloth. After that put the foods again properly. After every one year you must ask for the periodical maintenance.

Security and safety

Commercial kitchen refrigerators must pay attention to the power lines, must use a separate and dedicated outlet and a safe and reliable grounding line. Kitchen commercial refrigerator outside the power cord. If you need to extend the power cord, you must use a power cord with a diameter greater than 0.75 square meters. Mm over the wire. Commercial kitchen refrigerators should ensure that it has enough space for cooling, as well as the necessary dustproof measures when using a condenser, and regularly clean the air filter and condenser.

Refrigerator: Sweating is normal

On rainy and cold days even with the cooling system running perfectly, it is possible to appear swat on the outside of the refrigerator. This is due to the high humidity of the air in the environment. In this case, it is advisable to place the thermostat in the warmest position, which will still provide a decrease in power consumption. If possible, at these times of the year also try to install your product in a ventilated place. This is quite normal.