Hiring a skip for your garden project in Chorley

Looking for a hassle-free, low-cost solution for removing garden waste in Chorley? Rest assured, Adlington Skips specialise in Chorley skip hire and provide an extensive range of domestic skips, ranging from 2-cubic yards right the way up to 16-cubic yards.

Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of skip hire in Chorley.

How much time will it take to complete your project?

Having a deadline is crucial when planning a garden project in Chorley – allowing you to give yourself enough time to get the job done to a high-quality standard.

Knowing how long your project will take will give you a clearer idea for how long you’ll need to hire a skip – allowing you to maximise your skip hire investment.

Does waste need to be separated?

When it comes to skip hire Chorley, it’s best practice to split waste into two categories:

  • Green waste (i.e. grass, bushes, shrubs and weeds)
  • General waste (i.e. garden furniture, sheds, plant pots and soil)

You might also think about making an inventory for general waste – identifying which items you can keep, reuse, sell, donate or throw away. In doing so, you’re less likely to dispose of something of value and free up vital storage space inside your skip.

If you’re unsure whether something can go in a skip, there’s no harm in asking Adlington Skips for expert advice. Contact them on 01257 474 747 and they will happily guide and advise you to ensure compliance with stringent skip hire regulations.

How to reduce the amount of rubbish?

Most skip hire companies charge based on the amount of waste you need to remove – meaning that the less you have to throw in a skip, the more affordable skip hire Chorley will be.

Donating and selling general waste is a great way to reduce the amount of rubbish you dispose of. You’re bound to fit more branches and hedge cuttings in your skip.

Booking a skip with Adlington Skips

Skip hire Chorley is the perfect solution for large-scale or long-term garden clearances.

If you need your skip to be left on the road, outside your home in Chorley, this is not a problem for Adlington Skips, however, you will need a permit. The team at Adlington Skips can obtain the permit on your behalf.

Book your skip with Adlington Skips today and benefit from a professional service. Complete their online booking form and have the following details ready:

  • name
  • email address
  • contact number
  • delivery address
  • delivery date/time
  • collection date/time
  • required skip size
  • purchase method

For more information about hiring a skip for your garden project, call them on 01257 474 747.