Eternalcoins – Giving Gamers what they deserve

Online card games have increasingly become popular over the years with more players playing through their phones and computers. In spite of its popularity, only a few card offers players the opportunity to trade with one another using different items and cards. Additionally, another major issue is the ownership of the games; developers are given the full assets and license of the games. For the players, after spending thousands of dollars and time, don’t have the right to the games.

However, through the introduction of Eternalcoins (EIS), players will not only mint the game but also have opportunity to real assets. The cards can be traded using EIS on the Eternalcoin trading platform. This platform exists within the game and gives full ownership to the players. Anyone playing the game can enter a tournament and win it, without any fear of fraud or cheating within the system.

Through the innovation from Eternal Inc., online gamers can now experience a better online gaming experience where there is no restriction. The issue concerning government regulations and rules is now history. The aim of the platform is to change the status quo of the online card gaming industry by using programmable smart contracts to give gamers what they deserve. This will also include a high transaction speed with the unchangeable blockchain ledger.

Unlike the popular ICO (initial Coin Offerings), Eternal Inc. is conducting IEO (initial exchange Offering) on its platform for investors, experts, and participants. For any participants during the IEO, he or she will have access to its own system, where token earned can be used on different platforms including paying for various kind of goods. There is nothing as scams as token holders have full protection against scammers because of the protection on the blockchain technology.

The IEO is scheduled to start begin on 20th May, 2019 on Latoken Exchange, with a soft and hard cap of $600k and $4.8m respectively. The total issuance of the IEC is 300,000,000 with 195,000,000 for sale with a conversion rate of $0.025 for each EIS. Investors and participants can buy the EIS tokens using various payment methods like MasterCard, VISA, or Binance. Investors and customers can use their EIS to buy cards, in-app purchases, enter tournaments, and spend while playing games. Furthermore, tournament prizes are paid in the EIS coin.

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