Bitcoin and how to reach its anonymity

Anonymity is the process of protecting a user’s ID and location. The ability to provide anonymous access to services that avoids tracking personal data about the user and his behavior, such as the user’s location, frequency of service use, etc. In other words, anonymity on the Internet means various ways to go unnoticed on the World Wide Web.

To achieve anonymity, anonymous networks operating on top of the global network are used. The specificity of such networks is that developers are forced to go for a compromise between the degree of protection and ease of use of the system, its “transparency” for the final user.

The main reasons for lack of anonymity

Each transaction must be publicly registered. All users can see the cryptocurrency cash flow going from address to address. On the one hand, users cannot identify this information because transaction numbers are random numbers. On the other hand, if at least one transaction can be identified and calculated by the owner, then it is likely that the owners of other transactions will be calculated as well.

The history of all bitcoin transactions must be public for purposes security. Users should understand that the lack of anonymity in the system is the basis for minimizing “dirty” transactions, fraudulent actions, and the fall of the bitcoin system.

What mixing service to choose in order to save anonymity?

For maximum anonymity, it is recommended to use auxiliary tools such as Tor, which allows you to hide real IP addresses for bitcoin manipulation. Another variant is the mixing service BitMix which provides a reliable level of privacy. The essence of such a service is to mix bitcoins of all network users, resulting in the anonymization of payments. You are also protected from the fact that your coins can be returned to you using a special lock. Increased anonymity of bitcoins is also ensured by manually or automatically changing the percentage of coin mixing fees. So, it is a good alternative if you really want to keep it safe.