What you Might Not Know about Ballpoint Pens

If you need a pen that works on each type of paper and in just about any situation, a ballpoint pen is what you need. This kind of pen id reliable and writes on everything from regular copy paper to glossy receipts. It does not run out of ink quickly when compared with their gen pen cousins. Read on to know more about this helpful office buddy:

What is Ballpoint Pen?

A ballpoint pen is a small, revolving ball to dispense oil-based ink. This same ball mechanism is used for a ballpoint gel pen at 123ink.ca; however, they are filled with liquid and gel-based ink rather than oil-based. Occasionally, ballpoint pens are used to refer to any pen that has a rotating ball in the tip but these pens should be referred to only as oil-based pens.

Typically, ballpoint ink is very viscous like a paste. That is why it tends to last longer between refills and minimises the chance of ink bleeding through the paper because less ink comes out with every stroke. In general, the ink’s thickness requires applying more pressure to the paper when writing. That is why it can be tiring to write on ballpoints for long periods, although some people appreciate the pen’s controlled action.

Ballpoint pens provide many benefits than what gel, fountain, and rollerball pens can offer. They are highly dependable, generally resistant to water, fast drying, can withstand enough writing pressure used with carbon paper, and more.

Important Things to Consider when Using Ballpoint Pens

If you are considering using ballpoint pens in your office, keep the following things in mind:

  • Smoothness and writing pressure. Often, ballpoint pens are not scratchy; however, they can produce a feeling of friction. Also, they may feel grippy because of the thickness of their ink. A number of pens are formulated for a smoother, more lubricated feel. Typically, ballpoint pens require writers to use more pressure to leave a dark line. If the resulting fatigue will bother a writer, it is best to choose a smoother option.
  • Consistency. Generally, ballpoint pens are quite dependable; however, they can also be inconsistent. Ballpoint writing can vary slightly between darker and lighter hues and thicker and thinner lines. Also, ballpoint ink can build up on the pen tip which can significantly affect the drying time.
  • Size of the tip. Typically, ballpoint pens are made with bigger tip sizes such as 0.7 mm and 1 mm. But, they make thinner lines than gel and rollerball pens which normally have the same tip sizes.