What Is An Office Print Management Assessment?

Managed Print Services helps companies in reducing their printing cost. It is gaining visibility and control of your printing that helps save you money and employee boost productivity in the office. It also helps in sustaining a lesser carbon footprint from your company by using lesser paper. Lastly, it secures your documents to ensure that it stays in your office and is safe from hackers.

The first thing an MPS will ask of you is an assessment of your companies printing needs. They gather these data and organize it to assess how much your company needs and how much you could save.

There are three types of assessment, namely, quick assessment, cost assessment, and full assessment.

  • Quick Assessment only gives a quick view of what is currently used in the office and only uses a part of your printing data to assess and assume the cost needed.
  • Cost Assessment is a much more precise data gathering and analyzation. It uses the data of the client’s actual printing costs in the office.
  • Full Assessment is for large and complex establishments where it gives a full consultation of your company’s needs in printing services. It usually involves investors, stakeholders, etc. that sponsors the MPS strategy.

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They gather data by auditing your printing activities and getting an average of how much you spend for at least a day, a week or a month. Data collected from equipment like printers, faxes, scanners, etc. are broken down into small, important details like manufacturer, model, serial number and number of like devices in the establishment or by floor in a building. For printers, individual details are collected like the pages printed per month, hours a day it is used, the estimated value of the printer, including purchase price, maintenance, consumables, etc. It is important to have an Office print assessments Chicago according to Green Office Partner to carefully estimate your office’s needs in printing.

Some assessment is even more detailed and can uncover much more sensitive information for efficient management in printing services. These details are:

  1. Location and number of each printer or other equipment in an office

Some also recommend re-positioning of equipment.

  1. Color printers are often used as black and white printers only.

It can be a waste of investment if color printers are only used for black and white printing of documents.

  1. Expensive equipment

You should consider selling or replacing expensive equipment with cheaper ones to prevent expensive maintenance.

  1. Impact on IT staffing

How your IT personnel are affected with the continuous need to repair broken printers

  1. Individual employees

Data also show how much paper is wasted in a day by a single employee.

  1. Energy costs and carbon footprint

If your company uses too many printers and prints a lot of documents, it might also be smart to consider the carbon footprint of your company.

Final Word

An https://www.greenofficepartner.com/assessments can help you decide which path you’ll take to lessen expenses in your office printing. Not only the expenses but also lessen unnecessary printing, which leads to a lot of wasted paper daily.