Top 4 Benefits At Events Of Custom Coffee Paper Cups

The morning Coffee is like a daily ritual for many.If we don’t get our caffeine fix right there and then, the day just doesn’t feel right! But it’s true what they say, a nice cup of coffee is enough to get you motivated to start your day!

Savvy marketing for your next big event

So, since we know that coffee is a real contender when it comes to morning drinks, why not use the idea as a marketing strategy for your next big event? Ok so fair enough, you may not bag all potential sales by using this approach, but one thing’s for sure; you’ll get loads of interest and loads of hands-on your paper cups because people simply cannot resist a cuppa on the go!

  1. Feeling positive

Coffee drinkers mean business, they know what they want, and they’re not happy until they get it! That goes for taste as well as quality and if the brand of custom paper cups fits the bill, and successfully delivers… you can be sure you’ve nailed it from the consumers’ point of view, and it may even bag you a customer for life too! Ensure that your custom brand is looking great on that cup because if the customer likes what you have to offer, they will associate that positivity with the ‘branded printed cup’ they consumed it from, it’s all about clever marketing, but it works!

  1. Spreading the word

Although a clearly marked logo is vital for custom branded paper cups, it doesn’t have to stop there. Think about it, many customers grab their brew and go about their days, waiting to catch the bus, waiting for a seminar or meeting to begin, catching their breath in the staff room before they are about to start their day etc., it’s usually a case of morning brew and some element of waiting around for many so why not take advantage of this situation by offering a tad more than the company logo on the paper cup. Why not add some more information, its most certainly going to grab the eye of the beholder, especially if they are trying to kill time. Here’s what else you could incorporate into your printed custom paper cup designs

  • More about your brand… what’s your story?
  • Other products… promoting
  • Share your community positives, anything you’ve managed to achieve.
  • Talk about why you should be considered, promoted, used etc.

Many people will read away, especially during moments of boredom, displaying a bit more about your story onto your custom printed paper cups is the ideal way to share what you are about, and helps to spread the word.

  1. Freebies are always a winner!

Let’s face it freebies are always a winner; everyone loves to grab hold of something for nothing! If, at your next big event you happen to be the one who is offering free coffee whilst promoting your brand of custom printed paper cups, you can expect to get rather a lot of attention, perhaps many returning back to your stall time and time again so as far as marketing goes, you cannot go wrong using this approach. There may be many wonderful things to see and do at your next big event, but grabbing a coffee whilst you browse is by far the most desirable, everyone needs a drink, and it’s the way to uplift the soul of the consumer so they will undoubtedly be grateful for this offering, that’s for sure.

  1. Steal the show

Imagine all the attention your stall could get, coffee always grabs attention, people can smell it from afar, and they will draw to you. Use this situation wisely and try to make conversations helping to promote your brand, have plenty of friendly light-hearted chit chat about what you stand for and what you have to offer (as well as a nice free brew, of course!).