Patrick Shin, alias Nan Chul Shin: A Roundtable Discussion

In spite of the fact that Patrick Shin spent his formative years in Hawaii, you probably haven’t heard of him. Perhaps more well-known than the man himself is his Hawaii-based construction company, Nan Inc. Read on to learn more about this Hawaiian businessman who has connections to South Korea.


Nan Shin founded a building firm that would become a big player in the Hawaiian market. He started his namesake company in Honolulu back in the early 1990s.

Since he was a kid, all he wanted to do was start a successful business and become rich. The unattainable is swiftly approaching. By the year 2022, his Hawaii-based construction firm will have employed around 500 workers. His impact on the lives of many people in Hawaii is far-reaching.

It has been researched and confirmed that Patrick Shin has South Korean ancestors in his family tree. When he relocated to Hawaii, he decided to give up his previous surname. The experience would inspire him to work toward improving life in Hawaii. Long after it was conceived as a child’s imagination, the desire has come true.

The journey forward was not always easy. Patrick dove headfirst into the building industry, concentrating first on relatively minor alterations and improvements. He watched as his business expanded year after year. Shortages of available workers were an early problem. Apart from him, there was just one other employee.


As a company, Nan Inc. has unparalleled knowledge in the building sector. They have won multimillion dollar contracts from the federal government. They, like so many other businesses, had humble beginnings. Initial duties consisted of little more than putting up a road sign, which is why they were hired.

In the future, Patrick Shin would use his confidence gained from this and similar achievements to take on even greater challenges. His construction firm did well due to his dogged determination.

Now, Nan Inc owner, Patrick Shin is the undisputed leader among Hawaii-based general contractors. The technological advancements we’ve made recently make even the most difficult tasks easy to do.

Patrick Shin owns a company that does work in the fields of preconstruction, general contracting, and design-build.

Since Patrick Shin was so intriguing, he was given a full profile in Generations Hawaii.


Patrick not only runs a successful event planning business, but he also founded and serves as CEO of Nan Inc construction, a booming Hawaii-based construction enterprise. Good citizen that he is, he has been volunteering his time to assist set up for the event every year. Despite his hectic schedule, he always finds time to pursue his passions. He enjoys the outdoors so much that he spends much of his free time hiking, jogging, and visiting the beach. The opportunity to interact with native Hawaiians is what he enjoys most of all. Consequently, we felt compelled to record the success of Generation Hawaii. He has donated a lot of time and money to community organizations.