Naming methods: how to come up with a name for the company

At first glance, it may seem that you can come up with a company name in 1-2 hours. But in fact this practice is quite long and boring. Naming your company takes quite a long time and effort. Inventing a company name is like choosing a name for your child. Psychologists identify the concept in 7 seconds. At this time, according to experts, a new interlocutor can be assessed. The same principle applies to company names. The target audience evaluates the brand and its name for a short period of 7 seconds from the moment of the first contact.

An experienced entrepreneur always carefully considers the name of his company, because whatever you call it, it will be advertised on the market. People, or rather potential customers, think abstractly and move away from the product, which may even have an unattractive name. How to choose a name for the company and what services can be used for it?

The name given to the company during its registration can affect the success. Customers believe that associations and if something does not suit them in the name of the product, they will immediately choose the product of a competitor. Moreover, it even affects which team works in it and how. The company name should be simple, playful, easy to read and easy to pronounce. All this – the basics of naming. In the process of creating the name, you will receive a cloud of words, consisting mainly of business-related keys.

An excellent naming method is to create a keyword list right away. At this stage, everything related to your business will help: production characteristics, geography of the location, color of the goods produced, quality of service, benefits for the consumer, production technology. You can then try to generate the name yourself. Try changing the final words, add a prefix, and combine a few keys.

If you suspect that you have used all possible options, consult the generators on the Internet. With their assistance, you will be able to receive keys that were not even suspected. Sometimes a company name can be absolutely any word. Explore the most popular and working methods for searching for titles.

The company name makes a great impact of the customers’ viewpoint. The real thing about the company’s name is that you should choose the most simple as well as attractive names so that everyone can easily notice and remember. For example, Apple, a simple word/name now has become one of the most popular brands. Similar case is with Windows.

Therefore, you need to come up with a name that will be able to win potential customers in such a minimum of time.

In parallel, it must contain three main criteria:

  • Easy to read and easy to pronounce.
  • It is easy to remember and recreate in memory.
  • It does not evoke negative memories and emotions. The brand should only create positive feelings.

In the name (development of the name of the company, the product) 5 key techniques can be identified. If the above name selection steps do not work, use these methods. Seven key naming methods that will help you choose a “name” for the company: The name of the company may be formed on behalf of the founder.

Thus, prominent brands have used: “Gillette”.


It is based on repetitive words in order to form a specific rhythm and rhyme. A good example would be the sweet drink maker, Coca-Cola.


Cut out a few words. For example, “Louis Vuitton”.

The method of analogy.

The use of well-known terms and concepts on behalf of the company. For example, “Jaguar”, “Puma”.

Parts of words.

This method of word formation is similar to the method of abbreviation. Only as an idea are used not the first letters, but parts of the word. Such as, “Integrated Electronics” used this way very well, the result of which is known worldwide “Intel

These include words that mimic the sound created by animals or humans. For example, for a cat food brand can choose the name “meow”.

Hidden meaning.

A good example is the world brand Nike, which bears the name of the ancient Greek goddess Nike, which is considered a symbol of victory.

How to create a company name using an online service?

The above techniques and methods did not bring the desired result, but the imagination completely refuses to cooperate? You may need to contact the online company name generator. It should be noted immediately: do not seriously expect that any program can generate and invent a really great and unique name for the company. The following sites simply provide chaotic options. But it is possible that one of them really makes you happy. Or at least this method can make the brain create new, unique ideas.