Jutled’s technology powers success

Technology is a fiber connecting the internal workings of a company and how that company interacts with the outside world. We live and work in a tech-driven society, and whether your business operation is small or massive, it will not survive without the tools of advanced technology. And if by chance the business survives in the short-term it will be inefficient and unsecure. 

For businesses that depend on order fulfillment providers to get their products to market, the technology integrated into business systems can build the foundation for success.

Jutled, a leading order fulfillment company, has done just that. The company, owned by Adams Transit Service LLC, has outfitted its operation with state-of-the-art technology that not only saves the company time and money, but delivers the same benefits to its clients. 

  1. Our Tech Tools

Clients can expect to benefit from the level of technology the company has integrated into its operation.  Jutled uses Neural Net and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to substantially reduce the time it takes to deliver products to the end consumer and to simplify other processes throughout the order fulfillment workflow. 

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Big Data, and other advancements, are revamping the way people live and shop. And the way companies are run is drastically different, becoming more streamlined and responsive to consumers.

  1. Differences

Other order fulfillment and third-party providers have also incorporated technology into their operations. But there are differences that set these companies apart from Jutled, which offers a more extensive use of technology throughout its operation. 

At eFulfillment Service, the third-party shipping supplier offers online shopping carts and access to ecommerce marketplaces with its inventory and shipping technology.

Easyship’s ecommerce clients can leverage the company’s cloud-based shipping tool which allows them to automate shipping operations. Clients also manage orders and create shipments, set preferences, and sync directly from ecommerce stores.

Shipwire offers automation to its international and domestic customers. The third-party shipping company also uses order routing technology that optimizes shipping rates, box sizes, and delivery times. Like Jutled, Shipwire’s technology tracks order information, handles inventory issues, and automates reporting and data analysis.

  1. How we use Technology

The use of technology is found throughout Jutled’s operations. It employs Key Performance Indicators or KPIs to gauge performance, providing businesses with data analytics to make better business decisions and increase profits.

The company, owned by Adams Transit Service LLC, boasts an AI platform that uses forecasting reports to help its business clients grow their businesses by suggesting the most effective and efficient route to fulfill an order, monitor inventory, analyze data, forecast sales, and make profit projections.

The company’s AI and Machine Learning autonomous systems generate notifications when inventory is running low or nearing expiration. And its cloud-based order processing makes doing business much more streamlined. Its cloud-based Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) gives businesses quick access to carriers, vendors, suppliers and customers.

Jutled goes even further than other companies in the order fulfillment and third-party shipping industry. In addition to using technology to streamline operations to benefit clients, it backs up that system with the human element.

When you partner with us, “you’ll be able to handle more orders, increase sales, boost profit and enjoy an overall efficient operation,” the company points out on its website at Jutled.com